Friday, August 20, 2010


The blouse and boots are cool.
                                                         Casual and unique at the same time.
Very feminine and pretty

Simple and nice

                             Chunky jewelley and red lips compliment this dress even more
Love the shade of purple and the eye make up

Fantastic fashion

I love this shade of green.
Uniquely cut dress.

Sexy and edgy look
Nice wristband and shoes.

Simple , yet so elegant.

Belt and wristband make this piece so unique.

Goth with style
This bronze dress really suit her.


Tea party with friends

Clubbing with style and comfort

Chilling at weekends

Nice blouse and ring

Alexander Mcqueen

James Marsden

My favourite character: Cyclops

May you...

May you always be aware

you are loved beyond measure

and may you be willing

to love unconditionally in return

May you always feel protected and

cradled in the arms of God

like the cherished child you are

and when you are tempted to judge, may

you be reminded that we are all one

and that every thought you think reverberates

across the universe touching everyone and everything

and when you are tempted to hold back

may you remember that love flows

best when it flows freely

and it is in giving that we receive the greatest gift

May you always have music and laughter

and may a rainbow follow every storm

May gladnesss wash away every dissapointment

May joy dissolve every sorrow

and may love erase every pain

May every second bring wisdom and may

every trial bring triumph

and with each passing day

May you live more abundantly than the day before

May you blessed and may others be blessed by you

This is my heartfelt wish for you

May you be blessed !


She looks feminine and girly here.

                                                        So classy!

This hairstyle looks like a shell but it is awesome.Sometimes, minimal jewellery can look so nice.

Some couples dislike wearing the same clothes because they think it is cheesy, but I say you can at least wear the same color combination and look cool.Gwen has proved this.


Comfortable, stylish and sexy at the same time.She proves that even if u r amother, u can still look cool.I love the trousers and the hat.

I like the setting of this picture and she looks great with this hairstyle.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hugh Jackman

A talented actor.A loyal husband.A loving father.

Charlie "Busted"

Shane West

        I love his character in a "Walk to remember"

Hayden Christensen

One of my favourite actors.I like his acting in Starwars and Jumper.

I love his clothes here.

Looking casual.

Like the way the picture was taken.

I like the angle the picture was taken.


I have always admired the art of miniatures for the longest time.What I like about them is that eventhough they are so small but they look so realistic.

In the living room.

A family. 

                                                                               In the kitchen.

Interesting Pictures

Ethnic Fashion

Friday, August 13, 2010

Fashion Icons

Name:Bill Kaulitz
Occupation: Singer

a)Crazy hair and such a distinct style , but it suits him.

b)His jacket, black t-shirt and wide wristband are supercool.

c)I love his white jacket and his eyeliner.

d)I love his headband, hair and pose.

e) picture 1: I like everything except the bag.
                                                  picture 2: I like the jacket and sunglasses,he looks like a doll here.The   hideous pants has to go !
                                            picture 3:I think the pants are cool, but it doesnt suit the jacket and      
                                                 top.Separately, the top looks stylish but it should be worn with anotherpants.
                                            picture 4:He should stay away from supertight clothes.Looser clothes   
                                             would look much better on his frame , but he sure had guts to carry this 
                                  off.I  love the long ala matrix jacket ,but I dislike his violet pants.

f) Love his make up and style.He carries this hairstyle well.Love his profile here.His amount of accesories is just nice, not too much.

g) Looking all polished here.So lucky coz he gets to go to a fashion show for free.I wonder why Chris Brown is wearing those hideous gloves.

h)Love his hairstyle, tight tee and pants.Awesome!

i) Compare to the other band members, he has a distinct style.He has his own style and he is proud of it.

j) His signature dance.His hairstyle looks great from this angle.This suit is very unique and one of a kind.He carries it well.

k) Love his sleeves from this angle.Truly a unique outfit!

l)Looking natural here without any make up.I love his jeans and t-shirt.Who says you can't look nice on an ordinary day??
                                          He looks like a doll here.

                                                  Great eye make-up