Friday, August 20, 2010

May you...

May you always be aware

you are loved beyond measure

and may you be willing

to love unconditionally in return

May you always feel protected and

cradled in the arms of God

like the cherished child you are

and when you are tempted to judge, may

you be reminded that we are all one

and that every thought you think reverberates

across the universe touching everyone and everything

and when you are tempted to hold back

may you remember that love flows

best when it flows freely

and it is in giving that we receive the greatest gift

May you always have music and laughter

and may a rainbow follow every storm

May gladnesss wash away every dissapointment

May joy dissolve every sorrow

and may love erase every pain

May every second bring wisdom and may

every trial bring triumph

and with each passing day

May you live more abundantly than the day before

May you blessed and may others be blessed by you

This is my heartfelt wish for you

May you be blessed !

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