Monday, June 9, 2014

Avan Jogia is the new Johnny Depp and he has quite an extraordinary style.

1. Seen with a real cool jumper here.

2.Looking like a model here with awesome accesorries and a rather cool jacket..I like the way he piled up the accessories and yet he didn't seem like a christmas tree.

3. I don't think that many people can get away with this kind of hairstyle unless you are Johnny Depp or Avan Jogia..The suit is cool but he needs to do something with the length of his trousers..

4.This shirt is one of a kind and it is really nice..He looks great in it.

5. I like the way he mixed the striped t-shirt and the jacket..Again I like everything here but he really needs to work on the length of his trousers because it makes his feet look rather long..

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