Sunday, November 30, 2014

Jewelry Addicts:Earrings

These are some hand made jewelry by me.They could be nice and simple gift ideas.I do not repeat my designs.There are only one or two of each.If you are interested to buy them.You can e-mail ( me .Payment can be done through paypal. I believe in honest transactions.Thank you for your support.

Blue oriental earrings ( RM7)

Colourful Pearls  earrings (RM7)

Violet Keys earrings (RM10)

Classy pearl earrings (RM7)

Triple-coloured pearl earrings (RM7)

Black tear drop earrings ( RM10 )

Colourful tear drop earrings (RM8)

                               Pinky Violetta Wings (RM9)

Gypsy earrings ( RM 8 )

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